2 reasons parents can ask for more child support after divorce

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When married parents divorce or unmarried parents separate, they typically share custody of their children in Connecticut. One of them, possibly the one with less parenting time or higher income, may have to pay child support to the other. This money helps ensure the children have the basic necessities of life, and the standard of living is similar to what they knew during the relationship.

Occasionally, the parent receiving support in Connecticut will need to request additional support. What circumstances might justify a child support modification request where one parent asks for more support?

 A major change in a child’s expenses

Did your oldest child recently get hurt in a car crash, requiring thousands of dollars in medical care that forced you to meet a steep insurance deductible? Have you finally accepted a position that will let you support the family, but now you will have significant childcare expenses?

When the financial needs of the children shift substantially, the courts may sometimes determine that an increase in child support is necessary. 

A major change in parental income

Another reason why one parent may need to request more child support is if the financial circumstances of the parents have changed. If the parent receiving support has had to leave their job to take care of the children or if the parent paying support has recently secured a promotion and a large raise, those changes in finances may justify a review of the support levels as well.

Requesting a child support modification can help a parent better meet the needs of their children in a shared custody arrangement.



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