When someone gets sick, the odds of divorce get higher

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There are many things that influence your odds of divorce. As much as people like to talk about the overall odds of divorce and say things like “half of all marriages end in divorce,” those odds are different for each couple. There are just too many factors in play.

One of those factors may be the onset of a chronic disease or a serious sickness. When this occurs, it is more likely that the couple’s marriage is eventually going to end in divorce.

The results only apply to women

Very interestingly, studies that have looked into this have discovered that divorce odds go up for heterosexual couples when the wife gets sick, but they do not see the same sort of increase in statistical odds when the husband gets sick.  This suggests that women are more likely to stay with a sick husband and care for him, while husbands are more likely to end the marriage and move on with their own lives. 

This certainly doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in all cases. There are many stories of people getting sick and their partners staying with them to care for them. But studies like this just look at the statistical odds and find that, on the whole, divorce is more likely in a situation like this.

How to approach your divorce

If you and your spouse are moving toward divorce for any reason, it’s crucial that you understand all the legal options that you have and the steps that you need to take. It may help to work with an experienced team. 


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