Have you suffered injuries at an amusement park? 

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There are few better ways to let your hair down than attending an amusement park. For adults and children alike, a visit to such places can result in hours of fun. 

Usually, these trips go smoothly and families can’t wait until their next visit. Sadly, in rare circumstances, accidents can occur and the results can be devastating. 

How do accidents occur at amusement parks, and what are your options if you or your child are hurt? 

Improper maintenance 

Amusement rides frequently operate at a great height and travel at rapid speeds. Like any other piece of machinery that operates this way, rides need to be properly maintained. It only takes one loose bolt for a rollercoaster or ride to derail, causing severe injuries to those on board. It is up to those who own and manage the premises to ensure that passengers have access to the safest possible rides. 

Negligent staff 

Rollercoasters and amusement rides generally have supervisors and staff at hand to answer any queries. If they fail in these duties, and you or your children suffer injuries as a result, then they can be held liable. For instance, if a ride has height restrictions, and your child has been permitted to use it anyway, then the ride supervisor may have failed in their duty of care. Equally, if safety bars or lap belts have not been securely fastened by staff members, you may be able to hold them accountable for any injuries sustained during the ride.   

Amusement parks are a lot of fun but they can also be dangerous. Sometimes, accidents are simply unavoidable. However, if negligence has contributed to the physical injury of you or a loved one, you should look into your legal options in terms of pursuing compensation. 


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