Advanced driving features enter the used car market

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Advanced driving features in motor vehicles are reaching a new era. The technology has been around for so long that an increased number of used cars contain the innovations.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety revealed that knowledge and trust significantly decrease when cars with technology are sold on the second-hand markets. It represents a dangerous combination that could lead to increases in accidents instead of reductions.

Forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking (AEB) notifies the driver of an impending collision and, if necessary, brakes automatically to avoid contact. Lane departure warnings alert the operator when the vehicle moves out of the travel lane. Blind spot warnings alert the driver to another vehicle’s presence in the next lane.

How effective is the technology?

Recent research reveals the effectiveness of these features and includes:

  • Automated emergency braking (AEB) – 50 percent reduction in front to rear crashes, according to law enforcement-reported front-to-rear crashes.
  • Lane departure warnings (LDW)– Head-on, sideswipe, and single-vehicle crashes were reduced by 11 percent.
  • Blind-spot warnings – Active use and adherence reduced lane change collisions by 14 percent.

The reduction or outright lack of use due to mistrust undermines the benefits of the innovations while putting all road travelers at risk.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) surveyed 750 drivers owning vehicle models from 2016 to 2019 equipped with the above driver assistance features. Four hundred two respondents were new-vehicle owners, while 362 purchased used vehicles.

The results revealed a knowledge gap in new versus used car purchasers when it comes to these safety features:

  • Eighty-four percent of new-vehicle owners and 72 percent of used car buyers were aware of blind spot warnings.
  • Seventy-seven percent of new owners were able to describe lane departure warnings, compared to 66 percent of used vehicle buyers.

For motor vehicle consumers, knowledge is not only power but can also minimize car accidents thanks to the latest safety innovations built into many cars and trucks.


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