4 big myths about post-divorce life

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Getting a divorce is a serious matter for many people. Like marriage, divorce can radically shift your life around. While some people can adjust to post-divorce life easily, you may not.

There are many myths about post-divorce life that may make you regret your decision. Many of these myths are made to push people away from seeking a divorce. Here’s what you should know:

1. Myth: You’ll lose everything in a divorce

Truth: Many assets are divided in divorce. People may even have prenups or postnups that specify how exactly assets are distributed in a divorce. You may even be able to find a middle ground with your ex about asset division – but the law aims to divide marital assets in a way that looks after both spouses.

2. Myth: Divorce will be the biggest regret of your life

Truth: Divorce can open many doors that you didn’t have while married. You may even find yourself happier after divorce. Divorce doesn’t mean the end of your life, but the start of a new one. You may rediscover old passions or find new ones once your energy isn’t diverted to an unhappy relationship.

3. Myth: Divorce will be bad for your children

Truth: Divorce may be better for your children than an unhappy marriage. Arguing and fighting in a marriage may be giving your child the wrong example of how a marriage should work. Divorce may even show your child that life isn’t just about marriage.

4. Myth: You shouldn’t get legal help for your divorce

Truth: There can be problems during and after the divorce process. While some issues may be minor and easily cleared up with your ex, other problems may require legal guidance. You should reach out for legal counsel when going through a divorce. 


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