2 child support mistakes you need to avoid at all times

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Every parent has a duty to provide and care for their child until they are able to legally work and fend for themselves. And most parents take this responsibility quite seriously regardless of the nature of the relationship with the co-parent.

If you are divorced or separated, however, it is important to understand how Connecticut child support law works so you can avoid common mistakes parents make while paying child support. These mistakes can result in serious penalties and even hurt the other aspects of your child support case.

Here are two costly child support mistakes you need to steer clear of at all cost

Withholding or deducting the payments

It is not uncommon for the paying parent to want to “get back” at the custodial parent by withholding child support due to denied visitation. However, this can be a costly mistake. How so? Well, because child support is about your child, not your ex. And, it is a Court Order, which makes it binding. If your ex is interfering with the visitation order (which is another Court Order), seek legal redress.

Likewise, you cannot deduct child support for whatever reason. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to keep up with your child support obligations, you need to petition the court for a modification.

Not paying through the court-appointed method

While issuing a child support order, the court will provide options for how you will make the payments. Usually, the court will require you to use direct deposit into the custodial parent’s account or Connecticut Child Support Visa Debit Card. It is important that use court-approved methods when paying child support. And if you have to use other methods, like cash, be sure to keep a record of such payments (date and amount).

Also, it’s important to understand that you cannot pay child support in kind. For instance, you cannot substitute gifts for child support payments.

Knowing your legal rights and obligations is key to avoiding costly mistakes when paying child support.


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