How can pedestrians keep themselves safe in Connecticut?

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The danger to pedestrians of being injured by road users is one that’s shared across the country and is also one that is, on the whole, a growing problem.

In a recent study, Connecticut was ranked as the seventh-highest state for pedestrian deaths. This is, of course, worrying for residents and tourists of the area and leaves people asking the question “as a pedestrian, what can I do to help keep myself safe when walking around CT?”

Make yourself seen

One of the best ways to avoid an accident is to make sure that road users can see you. This is especially important when walking in the evening as, due to poor visibility, this is when the majority of accidents occur. If you’re walking in the evening it’s a good idea to wear high-visibility clothing and avoid only wearing all dark colors. Avoid making any sudden movements that drivers won’t be able to anticipate or have time to prepare for.

Only walk in designated pedestrian areas where possible

It can be difficult when you need to cross the road to only adhere to the sidewalks and pedestrian areas. Accidents happen frequently at busy intersections so making sure you use the pedestrian crossings where they are available is essential.

Stay alert

As a pedestrian, it can be really intimidating to be walking next to large cars and trucks. It’s tempting to put your head down and walk as quickly as you can to your destination. Keeping alert to your surroundings is important as the sooner you’re aware of potential danger, the quicker you can act on it. This might include taking out earphones and removing hoodies so you’ve got a better awareness of what’s going on around you.

Being injured as a pedestrian can cause catastrophic injuries. Having someone on your side to help you handle an insurance claim can give you the time you need to recover. 


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