Why you should take photos after an accident

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When you are involved in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you should be compensated to cover your injuries and damages. However, what you do after the accident is key to determining your claim’s outcome. 

Take the right steps to protect your future – and take photos of the accident scene. Here is why you should do this:

What kind of evidence can photos provide?

Evidence is crucial in any personal injury claim. Simply stating that the other driver was at fault may not give you the compensation you deserve. You need adequate evidence to prove liability by taking pictures.

When you take photos of an accident scene, observe these tips to collect solid evidence: 

  • Take photos of both cars and their damages (interior and exterior) 
  • Take photos of both cars in single pictures 
  • Take photos of your injuries 
  • Capture the surrounding (Skid marks, traffic signals and property damage) 
  • Take photos of dents, activated airbags, broken glasses and vehicle parts 

The police will gather evidence when they arrive. However, by the time they get to the scene, things might have changed, or they may make a mistake with a detail. If this happens, you will have your pictures to serve as evidence.

While you should always get medical help after a wreck (which will also document your injuries), photos often speak louder than words in a medical record. Documenting your injuries as they progress through the stages of healing can help you better illustrate your suffering.

Pictures are vital when filing a claim against another driver. It will also help to learn more about your case to make the right moves.     


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