Can I get child support modification after a job loss?

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Experiencing a job loss can be a challenging time, especially if you have child support responsibilities. In Connecticut, you can modify child support payments if your financial situation changes significantly. Here are some things you need to know to handle child support modifications after a job loss.

When to seek a child support modification

In Connecticut, you can request a child support modification if there is a substantial change in your circumstances, and losing a job qualifies as a substantial change. Other changes can include a significant increase or decrease in either parent’s income, changes in the child’s needs or changes in health insurance costs.

Steps to request a modification

When you wish to pursue a modification in child support, here are three steps you must follow:

  1. File a motion: You need to file a motion for modification with the court that issued the original child support order.
  2. Provide evidence: You must provide evidence of your job loss, such as a termination letter or unemployment benefits. You should also include information about your current financial situation.
  3. Attend a hearing: After you file your motion, the court will schedule a hearing and both parents must attend. The judge will review the evidence and decide if a modification is appropriate.

After a thorough review, the court may grant either a temporary or permanent modification. The court may grant a temporary modification if your job loss is expected to be short-term. If your financial situation is unlikely to improve soon, the court may consider a permanent modification.

Legal representation is valuable

While you can file for a modification without an attorney, having legal representation can help you present your case more effectively. An experienced divorce lawyer can advocate on your behalf in court, clearly conveying your case and protecting your rights.

Job loss can be stressful, but understanding your options for modifying child support can provide some relief. By following the proper steps and seeking the right support, you can ensure that your child support obligations remain fair and manageable.


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