Usher’s emergency hearing results in no custody changes

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Connecticut citizens may be interested to know that an emergency custody hearing called by Usher’s ex-wife resulted in no custody changes. Usher maintained his status as the primary parent regarding custody of the divorced couple’s two young children when the judge presiding over the case dismissed the emergency motion, stating that the celebrity’s aunt was an appropriate caretaker for the two children in Usher’s absence.

Usher’s ex-wife requested the emergency hearing after one of the couple’s children almost drowned in the celebrity’s pool. According to a news report, Usher’s son was swimming in the pool when his hand became trapped in a drain. The boy was stuck in the water while his caretaker and two employees present at the home struggled to free him. One of the employees managed to rescue the child and perform CPR, and the boy’s caretaker called emergency services.

Usher was not present at the time of the incident as his aunt was supervising his two sons. The new outlet did not report on the boy’s condition.

At the custody hearing, Usher defended himself against accusations that he did not fully inform his former wife of the accident after it occurred. Usher’s counsel also stated that the father was at his son’s side since the mishap. At the conclusion of the hearing, the judge allowed Usher to preserve primary custody but advised the star to communicate with his ex-wife regarding the children’s care.

Child custody can be a complicated legal issue in Connecticut, particularly when one parent believes their ex-spouse to be an unfit parent. Courts typically assign custody based upon what is best for the child or children involved.

Source: ABC News, “Usher Retains Custody of Kids After Emergency Hearing, Pool Accident“, Lesley Messer , August 09, 2013


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