Parents face charges for failing to pay child support

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For Connecticut custodial parents who receive child support, it may be difficult to raise children without that assistance. When a paying parent ceases to pay child support, it can create great financial hardship for the family. In some instances, paying parents allegedly do not have enough money to properly pay child support. While this is true for some parents, others lie or misrepresent income in order to avoid their obligations.

In one instance, a recent case involved a three-and-a-half-year-old boy with leukemia whose father had only ever paid $189 in child support. This translated to about 14 cents per day for each day of the boy’s life. His mother claimed the father paid the little he did only to stay out of jail. Though he claimed he didn’t have enough money, the man was found to be bragging on his Facebook page about the amount of money he was bringing home from work. He was then charged with a felony for evading child support.

In another case, a father only paid one of his $100-per-month court-ordered child support payments before stopping completely. On his Facebook page, however, he posed with substantial stacks of money. The mother of one of his children said that she thought if the father could be so publicly flashy, then he could at least help to support their child.

When a custodial parent struggles to make ends meet because a parent who has been court-ordered to pay support isn’t upholding his or her obligation, it can seem overwhelming to seek out legal representation. However, in many cases, a lawyer may be able to help custodial parents pursue legal action and eventually obtain child support payments and back-paid child support to compensate for the time without payment.

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