Can I change a child support order in Connecticut?

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Child Support, Firm News |

Modifications to Connecticut child support orders occur more often than many people think. Changes in income, family units and several other factors can prompt these modifications so it makes sense that the law facilitates parents in requesting modifications.

Either parent can request child support modifications by following these simple steps.

— Gather the proper forms, which include Motion for Modification, Financial Affidavit and several others– Complete the forms carefully and file them with the court clerk– Choose an appropriate “officer” (e.g. State Marshal) to deliver the documentation to your co-parent– Collect information such as pay stubs or medical statements that prove why you need the child support modification– Appear at the hearing to present your case

Alternatively, you can acquire an attorney to help you with your request for court order modifications. This ensures all of the forms are completed correctly and no mistakes have occurred. Another benefit of going through an attorney is that it helps keep you removed from the other parent if the proposed modification is met with resistance.

Your attorney will not only assist you in completing the documentation, he or she will answer all of your questions and guide you in choosing the child support options that meet your needs and the needs of your child. This is especially important as a court will not grant a change in child support without proof that the requesting parent’s life circumstances have undergone significant change.

Making changes that affect your child can be frightening, but with the right advice from a legal professional, you can work to reduce the impact this has on your family.

Source: State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, “How to Change Your Child Support Order,” accessed June 11, 2015


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