Are my alimony payments tax deductible?

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This blog has discussed Connecticut spousal support issues before, but in the interests of clarity and simplicity, it never hurts to revisit the topic. While taxes matter to both spouses, the spouse responsible for paying alimony often feels he or she has a greater stake in the matter. Specifically, the payer may wonder whether the amount paid in alimony can be deducted on their tax returns.

The short answer to the question is yes, but the taxpayer must adhere to specific rules when deducting alimony payments. Below you will find what you need to know about deducting spousal supports.

— If you and your ex are filing your tax return jointly, you cannot deduct alimony payments– You may not deduct spousal support if you live in the same home as the spouse at the time of your alimony payments– If you are under any obligation to continue paying spousal support following the death of your ex, you may not deduct the payments– You may only deduct support payments if you paid in cash, money order or check– If your divorce decree does not specify that the payments you make are indeed for spousal support, you may not deduct them– Child support payments and property division installments are not alimony and cannot be deducted

The information provided in this blog post should not be mistaken for legal advice, but rather as way to assist you with paying alimony and filing taxes. If you do need professional assistance, a family law attorney based in Connecticut can fill an important role in helping you manage your legal affairs even after a divorce is final.

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