Should I choose alimony or accept a job offer during divorce?

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People say this all the time, because it is true — divorce is a tough hurdle to face. Along with the emotional side effects, ending a marriage can cause one or both spouses to become worried about their finances. When alimony is an option, it can up the ante even more. The receiving spouse may be in real financial need, with alimony the only clear option for survival. However, sometimes yet one more wrinkle could add to the hard choices spouses must make: A job offer.

Job offers are certainly a positive thing, but it might be hard to pass on alimony to take on new employment. While it is difficult to say explicitly that it is better to take the job, some reasons exist that make this the best option. First, more and more Connecticut courts have begun to frown upon awarding alimony on a long-term basis. Instead, courts tend to view alimony as a short-term option to help spouses start a career or return to the workforce.

Additional reasons to take a job instead of alimony include the following.

— Building confidence: Having the ability to care for yourself and your family financially could boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.– Controlling your finances: Some ex-spouses pay their alimony in precise accordance with the support agreement, but some do not. Working for your income puts you in control of your family’s finances.– Does not mean losing custody: In these modern times, no one disrespects a person who works for a living and this will have no negative impact on child custody arrangements.

In the end, you and your spouse will need to weigh the benefits against the disadvantages to make the decision that best meets your family’s needs. As always, your divorce attorney can offer you practical advice to help you reach the right decision.

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