Tips for resolving disputes over child support

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It is safe to say that many non-custodial Connecticut parents try to make their child support payments every month. At the same time, some do not try very hard, perhaps due to having a low-income or even no job at all. Connecticut courts impose penalties for those who do not pay, but it can still be a problem. Sometimes, the right solution is working with the parent responsible for child support instead of working against him or her.

Collaboration between parents can take several forms, each with its own advantages. This blog post will discuss a few of these solutions and explain the role an attorney can play in making resolution occur more easily.

The first and best option is for the two parents to work out an agreement on their own. This works best in parental relationships with little or no conflict. Once they reach an agreement, the parents must set it down in writing and have it legally formalized. An attorney working out of Connecticut can help create the agreement quickly and easily, reducing leg work on the part of the parents.

Another solution comes in the form of collaborative law or mediation. During this process, the two parents discuss child support issues and engage in negotiation until they come to an agreement. The mediator or objective third party oversees the process and addresses any concerns that may arise. Client attorneys can play a role by making sure his or her client’s rights remain intact.

Should the above solutions fail, the parent responsible for making payments can seek child support order modifications through a Connecticut court. This is especially beneficial for parents who have lost their jobs or experienced other issues that prevent them from paying. Working with an attorney can help facilitate this process and make certain all necessary requirements are met.

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