New divorce method makes property division easier in Connecticot

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Firm News, Property Division |

Getting a divorce is always wrenching. You thought that this was a lifetime commitment and somehow that got translated to a shorter time than you first thought. Property division is usually a sticking point. There is now an easier way for some couples to get the issue of property division off the table and the divorce through more simply.

The authorities of the state of Connecticut have enacted a new law recently that expedites the process to get a “nonadversarial divorce.” If your divorce comes within eight years of your marriage date, a judge can enter the divorce decree without a hearing in some cases. This law makes it possible for a couple to get a divorce, with property division, within 35 days, which is a vast change from what it normally is. In a traditional divorce, you can expect to wait at least three months for a final ruling.

You need to have your attorney file a waiver with the court to enable the 90 day waiting period to be dissolved so that your divorce can go through without any hearing at all. One of you needs to be a citizen of the state of Connecticut, have no children or real estate, and have a combined net worth of $35,000 total by either person involved.

If you have a company-sponsored pension plan, this will disqualify you from this type of divorce. If you have a bankruptcy going on or if the woman involved is pregnant, you will need to go the normal route for a divorce.

If you think you qualify for this type of separation, you may want to not only pursue a further study on this topic but talking to a professional who knows about it may help, too.

Source: New Haven Register, “Connecticut adopts speedier divorce process for some couples,” Cara Rosner, Oct. 01, 2015


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