Valuating and dividing complex assets during a divorce

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Firm News, Property Division |

Many divorces have complex property division proceedings. A proper valuation of these assets is crucial during the divorce process so that you can receive what you are entitled to.

At the O’Neil Law Firm, P.C., we will help you plan for your future by taking you through the marital property division process. Connecticut has what is called equitable distribution. That means the assets will be split according to what is fair and equitable, which is often not split in half.

It can be difficult to accurately assess the value of some assets, such as real estate, 401ks and pensions. Our experienced attorneys will help you identify all assets — including some your spouse may be attempting to hide.

We can help with the planning of the final divorce decree regarding property division, such as with a Qualified Domestic Relations Orders that divides pensions and retirement funds that were earned while married. You may need temporary orders that could help an asset maintain its value. An example would be securing a temporary order for the possession and use of your home. You can then make sure your home isn’t devalued and that the mortgage payment is made on time.

Finally, we can also help with the division of liabilities, such as second mortgages and credit card debt. It’s important to take action today in order to protect your future. You deserve to have your fair share of the assets acquired while you are married.

To learn more about complex property division and the valuation of assets, review our webpages on the topics.


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