Are you considering filing for divorce?

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Many people may think about divorcing their spouse; however, for one reason or another, they never take the first step. Others may feel they are ready to leave, but once the paperwork is filed, a reconciliation occurs. No matter where you might be in the divorce process — simply thinking about it or in the midst of finalizing it — divorce can be an emotional, life-altering event.

For one woman, the impact of wanting a divorce hit her very hard. She had been visiting a friend and realized that she didn’t want to go home to her husband. Between tears and listening to a song she could relate to on repeat, she managed to get through the trip home. However, she couldn’t find the courage to leave when she got home. She knew she needed to leave and was finally able to do so a few months later.

As a writer, she was inspired by words. She concentrated on positive thinking. She felt like her favorite sayings and quotes dealt with creating her own reality. She realized that she could feel hurt, upset and angry, but she also needed to get her head back into her life.

For this woman, she says travel was “soul-cleansing” for her and she would save whatever money possible until she had enough for a flight or a road trip where she wanted to go.

She found solace in her favorite TV show, “Sex and the City.” She refers to it as her life raft and can relate to the unbelievable support of friendship.

Divorce is different for everyone. How someone handles the decision to leave, the divorce process and the new life afterwards is also different for each person. While you may not be ready to leave just yet, but you want more information, you can find it from an experienced divorce attorney.

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