Why it’s important to have these 5 people around during a divorce

by | May 6, 2016 | Firm News, Property Division |

One of the most difficult times in someone’s life can be during a divorce. You can feel all alone after your spouse leaves and many times, friends you had together distance themselves, too. There are people who can really help you during a divorce. These include:

— The ones who check to see that you have the basics. In other words, they want to know if you are eating, sleeping and making good choices. These people can help you focus on taking care of yourself.

— The one who just listens. Everyone needs someone to vent to when things get too stressed. Having a non-judgmental friend who is generous with his or her time and listen to you without handing out unwanted advice can be a true godsend.

— The one who gives advice. Of course, every now and then, having someone who has been through a divorce to give you advice can also help. Professionals like your attorney and child mediators can also provide much needed guidance.

— The one who comes running. A friend who can tell that you need a shoulder to cry on is a great comfort. Just having someone with you during difficult times can help you cope.

— The one who tells you you’ll make it through. You should have someone help you see that you will survive this difficult time and who can help you imagine your life when you do. He or she can help you understand that dividing your property isn’t the end of the world or that having to move out of the family home and sell it gives you a chance to start anew.

Divorce isn’t easy, but when you have people around who can help you in the midst of this difficult life transition, it can become easier.

Source: Huffington Post, “5 People You Need When Getting Divorced,” Jane Ryan, May 03, 2016


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