Handling co-parenting issues

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It’s been said many times that the people who fare worst after a divorce are the children. Co-parenting isn’t quite like anything else. There will be disagreements about bed times, special activities, discipline and many other circumstances, but these disagreements can be dealt with in a level-headed manner. Here are some common issues for co-parents and suggestions for managing them:

— Schedule changes: Depending on the age of the child, schedule changes can really wreak havoc with both the parent and the kid. When one parent seems to consistently want to make changes to visitation dates or bed times are not enforced, the child is the one who is often most affected. Keeping what is best for the kids at the center of any disagreement is best, but not always easiest, to do.

— Listening and judging: It can be difficult to hear about how much fun your child had while visiting his or her other parent. You want to be the one your kids like the most, even if you don’t want to admit it. However, a good relationship with the other parent is one of the best things a child can have, and that should make it a bit easier to deal with.

— An ex who is hard to deal with: If you couldn’t control your ex when you were together, chances are that will only get worse when you separate. Instead of getting angry, do your best to make sure you are easy to work with. Your child will see this positive example and it will be important to him or her.

As you can see, there are many issues that can affect parents who aren’t together. Your child is the most important part of your life and should be treated as such. If your ex’s behavior is creating issues, then it may be worth it to consider a modification of child custody. Your attorney can help you learn more.

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