Nominee for Connecticut state auditor position behind on alimony

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Connecticut state senator Rob Kane resigned from his post on Jan. 4 to accept a $146,000-a-year job as the Chief State Auditor. His job will be to make sure government officials meet legal requirements when handling the state’s finances.

Kane’s ex-wife filed a motion for contempt back on Aug. 8 in Waterbury Superior Court that claims Kane was more than $4,000 behind in required divorce payments.

In the motion filed by Kane’s ex-wife, she claims that Kane has not paid money due for sports activities, school tuition and daycare expenses. The couple reportedly signed the divorce agreement outlining these payments nine months prior to her filing the motion.

After Kane’s ex-wife filed the motion, a court-approved agreement came into place on Sept. 19. The agreement states: “The parents agree that father owes mother $4,862.00 for the children’s school tuition year 2015-2016; childcare expenses; doctor’s co-pays; prescription co-pays; and the children’s sporting expenses. The father will pay the mother $125 a month towards the balance until it is zero.”

Kane has told multiple outlets that the missed payments were simply a misunderstanding of the interpretations of the agreement and that he has been making payments to his ex-wife. Kane also said that he doesn’t believe the missed payments will affect his ability to do the job for which he was nominated.

Under the agreement, Kane pays his ex-wife $150 in alimony per week. He receives $250 per week from his ex-wife in alimony because of disparities in the divorcing couple’s income. She makes an estimated three times more than he does as a clinical psychologist.

Kane was earning a little over $40,000 per year as a state senator, which equates to roughly $773 per week. He has been in the position since 2008. Kane has also owned a small communications store in Waterbury for 22 years, but claims he doesn’t make much personal income from it anymore due to his time spent as a senator.

When alimony payments are ordered by the court, it is important that the money is paid on time. If not, your ex could file an petition through the court to get the money that is owed. An experienced divorce attorney in Hartford, Connecticut can help you obtain alimony payments.

Source: Hartford Courant, “GOP Nominee for Chief State Auditor Fell Behind $4,862 on Required Divorce Payments,” Jon Lender, Jan. 13, 2017


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