Child support shouldn’t be viewed as a burden

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

In our recent blog post, we discussed how child support is crucial in cases involving children who have divorced or separated parents. This financial support helps to ensure that the child has everything he or she needs, including food and clothing. When you are ordered to pay child support, you might scoff at the thought of having to hand over money to your ex. While this is common, you should think about how your support benefits your child.

One instance in which you might have difficulty with child support payments is when you lose your job or have to take a pay cut. In those cases, you might opt to petition the court to lower the child support payments because of your new income or lack of income. You would have to file a child support modification petition.

A child support modification petition must be based on a valid reason. We can review your circumstances to see if they meet the requirements for this. From there, we can help you to understand the process and how it might all work out.

If you do think that you need a modification of your child support order, don’t waste time before you petition the court. The longer you wait, the more in past due child support you will likely rack up if you can’t keep up with your current payments.

We know that things might get tough sometimes. We are here to help you find solutions to the problems with child support and other child custody matters that might manifest while your child is still a minor.


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