How is child custody handled when a child is adopted?

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Child Custody, Firm News |

You were happily married and made the decision to share your life with a child. Now that time has gone by, you realize that the marriage just isn’t going to work out.

Now, you have to decide what is going to happen with the child you promised to love and raise. You should realize that an adopted child will go through the same child custody process as birth children. The process doesn’t change just because of the adoption.

What should I prepare for regarding child custody?

You will go through the normal child custody process. You and your soon-to-be ex might be able to work out an agreement about what will happen with your children, including the adopted child. You and your ex can take your specific circumstances and your child’s specific needs into account when you are working out the details on your own.

What should I do after the child custody issues are settled?

Make sure that you follow the child custody order the court issues. This order lets you know when you should have your children, as well as what decisions you should make for your child and which decisions your ex has to make for the children. Remember that you still have rights as a parent so be sure that you know what these are so you can ensure you are getting those rights.

Ultimately, you must think about the needs of your children when they are caught in a child custody case. Make sure that you make decisions based on what is best for each child.

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