Important tips for negotiating alimony in Connecticut

by | May 10, 2017 | Alimony, Firm News |

The initial concept of alimony came into being in order to ensure that a spouse—typically a wife in by-gone days—was able to survive after divorce. Alimony still has a place in today’s society, but its initial concept has evolved over the decades.

In the past, a husband often had to pay his ex-wife alimony for life. Now, courts may set a fixed period of time in which a spouse may receive alimony. Other important changes center on who gets to receive spousal support. In these modern times, either a husband or a wife may receive an alimony award.

Further, spousal support today is a means by which the least financially secure spouse can get a leg up on becoming financially stable. Regardless of which spouse is seeking alimony, we would like to offer you a few important tips to take with you into alimony negotiations.

— Figure out how much money you need monthly to survive and make a budget accordingly.

— Be realistic about how much money your ex will be able to pay.

— Consider both you and your spouse’s job security in a realistic manner.

— Make a plan for your immediate and long-term future (e.g. learning a trade, going to college, etc.).

— Estimate how long it might take to get on your feet financially.

We know that it is often difficult for a dependent spouse to contemplate the future with confidence. One possible solution to this dilemma is to sit down with an experienced divorce attorney so that you can come up with a realistic plan. We invite you to learn about alimony options in Connecticut by exploring our blog and our website.


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