The true importance of financially supporting your child

by | May 24, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

Despite being attorneys, we sometimes believe that the moment child support becomes a legal issue, it turns into a negative for all involved. Think of it this way: Any legal matter from a simple traffic ticket to a life-changing family law issue puts people on guard almost instantly. They often become defensive instead of proactive. Even worse, the focus often becomes winning a battle instead of finding a solution.

Let us never forget that child support is not simply about providing for a child’s basic needs, although that aspect is critical. Child support is also about letting your child know that you care enough to make certain his or her every need is filled. If the issue becomes a negative or an outright battle, it will likely trickle down to impact the child’s mental and emotional development.

In fact, one study has shown that children whose nonresident fathers provided informal child support often experienced higher cognitive scores. The study also revealed that the implementation of formal child support (court-ordered support) sometimes resulted in “withdrawn and aggressive behaviors” in children.

As attorneys, we argue that “formal child support” is not necessarily the issue. Instead, we think it could be the hostility and conflict that often accompanies child-related legal matters. We hope that you and other parents can take this perspective to heart and strive to make child support a mutual goal instead of a penalty ordered by the law.

We want to add that financial hardships can complicate these matters. This makes it critical to seek help if you are having trouble supporting your child. Remember that an attorney is a source of assistance in these matters and can often help both parents reach a child support plan that promotes health, happiness and general wellbeing. See our website for additional advice about family law issues in Connecticut.


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