Finding the right help when you cannot pay your child support

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

Even in the most advantageous of circumstances—an intact family with two parents working at good jobs—it can still be hard to make ends meet. When divorce enters the picture and child support issues land on the table, things can take a fast turn to utter chaos.

The truth is, the economy is not what it once was. Divorced families become swept up in a terrible cycle: The custodial parent needs money to raise and care for the children and the non-custodial parent must find a way to pay child support while also supporting him or herself. Unfortunately, it is often the children of divorce who pay the highest price by witnessing how child support issues can degrade an already unpleasant situation.

As family law attorneys, we see that the focus on the nation’s child support problems centers on dead-beat parents, usually fathers. However, in truth, most of these parents want to support and care for their children. They are simply at odds about what they can do. As a result, many noncustodial parents find themselves missing payments and not doing anything to remedy the situation.

Why does this happen? Again, it is usually because they do not know what to do. If you are the parent responsible for paying child support, this message is for you. Seek assistance right away instead of suddenly ceasing your payments. The state of Connecticut offers noncustodial parents detailed guidelines about what steps to take when financial straits interfere with your ability to pay.

You can also talk to a family law attorney about seeking a child support modification order to help alleviate your troubles. The point is, taking action right away preserves your reputation as a non-dead-beat parent and shows the court that you want to share in the caring and upbringing of your kids. Visit our website to learn more about child support in Connecticut.


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