Does child support cover education expenses in Connecticut?

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One of the best ways to look at child support is as the means to provide for children. It is not a fee paid to the custodial parent and it is not a means of imposing hardships on the noncustodial parent. In an ideal situation, both parents contribute to the care of their children and they understand that child support is for the kids and the kids alone.

Another important point for parents to know is that child support covers a wide range of expenses outside of the basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter. Child support is crucial in paying for regular health care, a child’s entertainment needs, extracurricular activities and expenses related to education.

Some examples of educational expenses covered by child support include the following.

  • Basic supplies like pencils and paper
  • School uniforms or clothes
  • Textbooks or required materials
  • Tuition fees for private school
  • Tutor costs
  • Lunch money

All of the items above are necessary to continue providing for the children of divorce. As such, it is perfectly acceptable for a parent to use support funds to pay for these items. In fact, it is possible to seek a child support modification order if the custodial parent is not able to purchase necessary school supplies without additional help.

Regardless of whether you are the custodial parent or the noncustodial parent, it is important to know how child support can and cannot be used. If you still have concerns or questions, consider reaching out to a family law attorney serving Connecticut residents. A lawyer can help you understand how child support affects the lives of your children.

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