How child custody can affect your child’s education

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Child Custody, Firm News |

The start of school is just around the corner. Many newly divorced couples have not given much thought to the educational issues that can arise after a marriage has ended. It may even feel like school is the one thing that will remain the same for the children after a divorce.

It is true that for some divorced couples and their children, no educational issues will arise. However, parents should prepare themselves for at least a small disruption to be on the safe side. Doing so will help both of you make any change or transition as smooth as possible for your kids.

If you and your ex have joint legal child custody, you will both have a say in educational matters for your children. This will require the two of you to come to a mutual agreement. If you or the other parent has sole legal child custody, the custodial parent can make educational decisions on his or her own.

Even in joint custody situations, disagreements can arise in educational matters. When these disputes occur, it is wise for both parents to learn as much as possible about child custody and its impact on education in the state of Connecticut.

A good way you can address custody and schooling before a disagreement occurs is to make a list of questions and take them to a family law attorney. This enables you to answer any concerns or questions your spouse may have and to make decisions for your children that comply with your child custody plan. Remember that your lawyer can also help you address other legal issues involving your children and your divorce.

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