Simple advice for the man who needs spousal support

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Alimony, Firm News |

Despite how the modern world views male and female roles in a marriage, alimony is one thing most men refuse to request in a divorce. Many men feel ashamed to consider alimony, or they may feel like a failure as a man who is supposed to be successful and self-sufficient. Unfortunately, the negative connotations associated with male alimony have left many a Connecticut man in dire financial straits after divorce.

The truth is, many men not only qualify for spousal support, they need it to survive and begin life anew. Our family law attorneys have provided the following example for you to consider.

Say that you have held a steady, low- to middle-income job throughout your marriage. Your wife, on the other hand, attended college and became a high-paid professional. Your lower income might not be enough to sustain you after your divorce. In a scenario such as this, you very likely meet the requirements to receive spousal support.

As attorneys, we prefer to offer our blog readers and our clients in Connecticut advice that is simple to understand. With this in mind, we want to advise you to cast aside any preconceptions you may have about gender roles in a divorce, at least long enough to speak with a lawyer about the possibility of alimony.

Once you have accomplished this single goal, it will be easier for you to think about receiving alimony. In turn, this can open your mind enough to consider the valuable opportunities spousal support can bring your way. Examples of these opportunities include improving your education, changing to a more lucrative career and becoming financially stable in an economically challenging world.

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