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Parenting with your ex can be a good thing, and unless you have had a really bitter divorce, you could probably make it happen. However, it might take some effort. Here’s how one couple does it.

The couple has one son, and when they divorced, they agreed that in an effort to put their son first, they would do their best to get along when it came to parenting. Mom claims that it is an “ongoing conversation” and can sometimes be frustrating, but they are both working on it for their child.

Mom has remarried and in the process added two adult sons (living at home) into the mix, but so far, it all seems to be working out. She claims her new husband understood when he married her that her son’s father would be in their lives picking up and dropping off her son regularly, and he would also be around on holidays. Accepting that upfront has kept it from being an issue.

The couple claims that even from the beginning, they put their son first. During the divorce process, if they had issues that needed hashed out, they did it in private meetings when their son was off at school. Now when they exchange their son, they spend at least 10 minutes sharing what has been going on with him and discussing any issues that might need addressed.

The co-parents both have different lifestyles with one being very eco-friendly and busy, while the other is more of a fast-food junkie who allows their son to spend his days on electronics. Despite their differences in opinions, they work hard to respect each other’s time with their son and not criticize.

Obviously, it takes an agreement and the willingness of both parents to have this kind of parenting relationship. Some divorced parents may not have an ex who is willing to work with them. Everybody’s circumstances are different, and unfortunately, some parents find themselves fighting over visitation rights.

Child custody disputes are painful and stressful to both parents and the children. If you are in this situation, let your attorney work with you both to try to resolve the situation in the best interests of your children.

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