Busy parents: Consider third-party custody arrangements

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Child-custody deliberations are always some of the most intense in divorces. Both parents generally want to have a say, and they may have good reasons for wanting the schedules they propose. Even in well-meaning negotiations, there can be struggles with custody because of both parents needing to work and the difficulties of making sure their child has care at the appropriate times.

Parents who are in this position may not be sure what they should do, but there are a few things you could consider. Here are two tips for “filling the gap” when parents can’t be there.

Schedule custody with the parent and appoint a babysitter

One of the more common solutions is to allow whichever parent feels comfortable taking the time to have it and then to find a third party to stay in the home with the child. For some, this is a babysitter. For others, this becomes day care. Judges normally don’t want to see a child in day care every day, but if each parent has a few hours during the week where they need care for their child, then this can work well.

Turn to family or friends

Another option is to have a third party with visitation rights. For instance, you may schedule a day with each of the grandparents for your child if you have to work or work during a time when your child is sleeping but you can’t be in the home. People who work nights may find that allowing the child to spend overnights with relatives is easier than turning to babysitters.

These are just two options. Even if your schedules are hard to work with, there are ways to get your child adequate care.


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