Prenuptials and alimony: Eliminating the risk

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Alimony, Firm News |

As a young person looking to get married, one thing you may want to know more about is prenuptial agreements and how one could help you avoid alimony in the case of divorce in the future. A prenuptial agreement isn’t always easy to approach with your betrothed, but it’s a good idea to discuss it before you get married.

A prenuptial agreement has a few benefits that could help both of you. First, any prenuptial agreement has set terms that both parties have to agree to before signing. For instance, if you and your fiance are okay with eliminating alimony in the future, you can add that to your prenuptial agreement. Keep in mind that if your partner feels threatened or that there is no choice but to sign an agreement giving up alimony, then they may seek it in the future and ask the court to eliminate the prenuptial agreement completely.

Next, remember that a prenuptial agreement can help you avoid debt the other party accrues. Simple arrangements made in advance in this document could make a huge difference in the future.

When you talk about your prenuptial agreement, have a solid discussion, and make sure there is time for your partner to address questions or concerns with an attorney. By giving enough time before a marriage to discuss and thoroughly work through the sections in a prenuptial agreement, there will be a better chance of having the court uphold it if you divorce and your spouse wants to question the validity of the prenuptial agreement in the future.


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