Alimony is a support for ex-spouses when they need it most

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Alimony can be an important part of a divorce settlement. For instance, if you have been a stay-at-home mother for many years, you may not have had the chance to build up your career. The career you had in the past may have advanced to a point where your old skills do not meet the needs of employers.

For someone in your position, temporary alimony plays a vital role in your life moving forward. It may be used to help you go back to school for training or to help you with costs associated with living independently and obtaining a stable job.

Alimony is generally treated as a temporary way to support a spouse who was earning less than the other. The alimony award is granted to support the spouse for a period of time, usually a few years or until they’re financially stable.

What happens when you seek alimony in court?

When you seek alimony, a few things will happen. First, a judge will look into how much you earn compared to your spouse’s earnings. Then, they’ll look at your capabilities and if you can find a job that will support you well. If so, you may receive alimony for a short period of time while you search for a job or for a set amount of time as you adjust to living independently.

However, if you earned substantially less than your spouse and have few or no marketable skills, you might have to go back to school. Alimony, in that case, would be awarded to help you balance your budget as you attend school and work toward a higher-paying career.

Alimony can be the right choice in your case. Learn more before you go to court, so you understand how it could help you.


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