Parenting provisions to establish your disciplinary policy

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

To avoid conflict and make sure they’re on the same page in terms of co-parenting issues, many divorcing parents will include a variety of “parenting provisions” in their child custody arrangements. These provisions are statements that the parents agree to within their child custody agreements, and the parents must abide by them or face legal consequences.

Here is a review of several parenting provision examples related to the disciplining of a child:

  • Each parent will discipline the child responsibly during the times the child is under their care. If a significant discipline issue arises, the parents will discuss the matter to find an agreed-upon solution.
  • The parents will not allow third parties to use physical discipline or corporal punishment on the child.
  • Disciplinary measures will not override the parenting schedule, and the other parent will not be deprived of his or her parenting time as a result of the discipline unless the other parent agrees.
  • The parents will convene annually — or more frequently as needed — to discuss important matters relating to discipline and come to an agreement regarding how to proceed.

No one ever said that raising a child is easy, Raising a child with a co-parent adds further complexity to the responsibilities. Since discipline is an area where disagreements between the parents are common, establishing some ground rules as you begin parenting across two homes can be useful from a conflict avoidance standpoint.

If you would like further examples of parenting provisions to include in your child custody agreement that would help with your unique parenting challenges, your attorney can help you.


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