Summer slip-and-fall hazards Connecticut residents may face

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Summer is in full swing, and Connecticut residents are spending a lot of time outdoors. Most people believe they are relatively safe from injury caused by slipping and falling during the warm months. However, these accidents occur more often than you may think they do in the summer, and they frequently result in severe injuries.

Recently, we discussed the importance of mats in preventing these injuries. However, mats aren’t always present – especially outdoors.

How do summer slip-and-fall accidents occur?

While we are here to help if you suffer injuries from a fall, we realize that you would rather avoid such an accident altogether. To keep you informed about the dangers lurking in unexpected places and situations, let’s look at three common summer hazards.

Sprinkler systems. Sometimes, it is hard to see a lawn’s sprinkler system when obscured by tall grass or embedded in the ground. If your friend invites you over for a barbecue and fails to warn you about sprinklers, you could trip and suffer an injury.

Slippery boat surfaces. The Hartford region boasts an impressive array of lakes, drawing many residents to the water. If the boat owner does not take safety measures during your trip, slippery surfaces and other hazards could lead to a slip or fall.

Local attractions. Both tourists and locals enjoy visiting our region’s many attractions, such as the Connecticut Science Center and the Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities. Unfortunately, crowded venues where drinks and snacks can be spilled and additional hazards at these attractions can result in a slip-and-fall accident.

You have the right to seek financial compensation for the preventable harm you suffer on private, commercial and even government property. For most, the first step in filing a successful claim is learning more about injury law in our state.


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