Can you get a quick final decision via nonadversarial divorce?

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Divorce proceedings may take time. In Connecticut, the regular divorce process takes at least 90 days. For those in a hurry, the state offers nonadversarial divorce.

The nonadversarial process finalizes a divorce settlement in 35 days or earlier. This simplified divorce doesn’t even require couples to appear before a judge. However, nonadversarial divorce is not for everyone.

Limitations to filing for nonadversarial divorce

When couples file for nonadversarial divorce, they attest to acting with consent. They also waive their rights to having a trial, requesting for alimony and filing an appeal.

To be eligible for nonadversarial divorce, Connecticut couples should fulfill 10 conditions:

  • A hopeless union: Their marriage has fallen apart irretrievably.
  • Short-term marriage: The union lasted for nine years or less.
  • No other cases concerning their union: There is no pending case for the dissolution of their marriage or civil union whether in Connecticut, other U.S. states or overseas. This covers divorce, legal separation and annulment.
  • No kids before or during the marriage: They don’t have biological or adopted children.
  • Not expecting: Either spouse is not pregnant.
  • No animosity: There is no protective or restraining order between them.
  • Limited value of combined properties: The value of their properties is below $80,000. They should meet such an amount after the deductions of amounts owed.
  • No real estate stakes: They each don’t have real property titles or interests.
  • Absence of pension plans: Each spouse doesn’t have a defined benefit pension plan.
  • Not liable to bankruptcy laws: They each don’t have a pending bankruptcy.

In addition, couples may attach their settlement agreement to the joint petition for nonadversarial divorce. The agreement should cover the division of property and debts, change of name requests, and other concerns. Both spouses should certify that the settlement is fair and equitable.

A swift solution that still needs guidance

Although nonadversarial divorce is a quick fix, seeking legal advice will help ensure that you are getting your fair share. Going through a simplified divorce still needs a careful study so that you may move on from your marriage without regrets.


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