When a marriage can’t be saved divorce may be the best option

by | Jan 16, 2013 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce |

For most Hartford residents, meeting the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with is exciting and joyful. For some people, the search for their partner in life was a long one.

While many marriages work, some couples find that they can no longer be together. As a recent news article points out, there are certain clues that may be indications that a marriage is falling apart.

For instance, couples may find that they are spending less time together. People may also discover over time that they want different things in life. People may begin feeling unfulfilled or depressed. In some cases, a spouse’s addiction problem may become too much to handle.

These are issues that may be able to be dealt with. In some cases, a marriage can be saved. Other times, couples may find that they must go their separate ways.

People usually don’t envision themselves getting a divorce. However, it may be that a divorce is the only solution. In any case, the decision to pursue a divorce is not an easy one to make.

A divorce can be challenging, especially when couples have high assets. In addition, couples with children will be forced to settle child custody and child support matters.

Because sensitive matters can come up in a divorce, relying on an experienced attorney is often wise. An attorney can work with couples to find solutions to complex property division matters and issues surrounding child custody and child support. The goal in any divorce should be to find solutions that are fair and equitable for everyone involved.

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