Couples with poor communication more likely to divorce

by | Feb 20, 2013 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce |

Abuse, addiction and infidelity are common causes of divorce. However, could constant nagging lead some couples to part ways?

One man said that nagging led him and his wife to divorce. He says that the first six years of their marriage were great. However, poor communication caused difficulties in their relationship.

A counselor that works with couples recommends that people deal with their issues as they occur. Holding on to resentments and failing to address the issues can cause problems further down the road.

It can be difficult for couples to describe the joy they felt on their wedding day. However, that exuberance may not last. Working through the day-to-day challenges in a marriage can be difficult, especially for couples with children.

Hartford residents who have gone through a divorce know that parting ways is sometimes best for everyone. Choosing to pursue a divorce is a difficult decision to make. However, it may be the most optimal solution.

Couples in Connecticut and others elsewhere who choose to divorce must settle complex matters. Splitting up marital assets can be difficult. People with children must also work out child custody and visitation agreements as well as determine whether or not child support and alimony will be granted.

There are a number of things that can cause a breakdown in a couple’s marriage. Unfortunately, a recipe for a happy marriage doesn’t exist. Couples must take it a day at a time. When they come to realize that they can no longer remain married, speaking with an experienced divorce attorney is often a good first step.

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