Alimony often awarded to prevent economic hardships

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We’ve discussed alimony before on this blog. Alimony may be awarded in a divorce in order to prevent one spouse from suffering economic hardships.

Connecticut readers are likely familiar with actress Demi Moore. She and actor Ashton Kutcher parted ways in 2011. Just recently the two filed for divorce. Moore has reportedly requested spousal support from Kutcher. However, it is unlikely that she will be granted spousal support because it appears that the divorce will not cause her any significant economic hardships.

The “Two and a Half Men” actor is reportedly worth around $140 million. Meanwhile, Moore is worth around $150 million.

Some have questioned whether Moore’s request for spousal support is simply a way of getting back at her ex-husband. Connecticut readers may recall that the couple’s marriage did not end on good terms. Kutcher is alleged to have cheated on his wife.

It is unclear how this specific case will end. However, an alimony award may be appropriate in some situations. In Connecticut, permanent alimony may be awarded if a couple has been married for a significant amount of time, which is usually over 25 years. Alimony can be modified over time. It is often halted once the receiving party remarries.

Alimony is just one issue that couples may need to settle as they are working through a divorce. As Connecticut readers who have gone through a divorce probably already know, family law issues can be challenging to settle because of the emotional aspects of a divorce. Working with a legal professional throughout the process often proves to be beneficial.

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