Actress calls it quits after two decades with her husband

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Firm News, Property Division |

Even though some couples have been together for years, they may come to find out that they cannot remain married. Connecticut residents are likely familiar with Jane Seymour. The former star of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” recently announced that she and her husband are divorcing after 20 years of marriage.

The couple has twin boys together. In a statement, the couple said they will remain “devoted parents” to their 17-year-old sons. The two have reportedly been separated for a few months, but have decided to move forward with a divorce.

Because the couple has been together for two decades they could face complex issues related to property division. Other couples in Connecticut who have gone through a divorce and those who are currently going through a divorce are likely familiar with the challenges that come with property division.

Connecticut is an equitable division state. Although every effort is made to split property in a fair and equitable manner, this does not mean that assets are split equally in half. While property that was acquired before the marriage will likely remain in the hands of the original owner, property that was acquired after the marriage is considered by the courts and divided up between the two parties.

Couples may be able to settle property division matters on their own. However, because of the emotional aspects of divorce, it can be difficult for couples to do this amicably. Often it is a good idea to get assistance from an experienced legal professional to be sure an individual’s interests are protected when it comes to property division matters and other divorce-related issues.

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