Battle of the sexes against alimony in the United States

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Alimony, Firm News |

Divorced spouses in Connecticut and nationwide are debating the topic of alimony. A recent news story follows a New Jersey professor whom reported that his permanent alimony was forced upon him despite his divorce settlement. Similar cases have arose with retired divorced couples unable to pay their spousal support. His is one of the many whom believe spousal support was ordered to him despite his constitutional rights.

With recent laws pertaining to length of marriage and settlements, alimony is not affected by the new rulings. No matter what the spouses income is, New England states stand firm on predetermined rules. With monetary equality between the sexes on the rise, some find it unfair for an equal payment. Stay at home parents feel neglected and face anxiety for having to find jobs in order to handle their bills.

Organizations like the Second Wives Club are battling their exes current spouses against making payments to their family. New groups like First Wives First have a similar decree. These groups agree that women have put their profession to the side to cater to their household duties and depend on payments from ex-husbands to reinvent their lives.

Men and women from all sides of the political spectrum are battling legislation to reform the current laws on alimony. If you’re in Connecticut and feel like your income doesn’t match your required payment, it is urgent that you contact a skilled lawyer immediately. They may be able to determine your living expenses and reach a proper settlement for both parties. Your legal representation may be capable of taking the hassle out of your divorce and help you achieve the goal that you need to succeed.

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