Don’t let guilt guide your divorce

by | Aug 21, 2013 | Child Support, Firm News |

People in Connecticut who are considering getting a divorce should make sure that they don’t let guilt drive their decision-making process. In some cases, people might agree to terms that they might later regret simply because they feel guilty because they are the one ending the marriage or making more money, etc.

For example, one man who chose to end his marriage with his wife stated that he felt guilty and rushed to settle in the divorce. He ended up having high child support payments and even gave his wife the house as well. However, when he became unemployed, he could no longer afford to make his payments, which resulted in him owing more than half a million dollars in child support. When his ex-wife tried to seek enforcement for the back child support that he owed her, he faced going to jail for six months for failure to pay. However, the court ended up reducing his payments, but it was a fight 10 years in the making.

Another divorce case involving a guilt-ridden man resulted in him having to pay over 65 percent of his income to his ex-wife for the care of her six cats. His guilt over ending their marriage had reportedly played a significant role in his decision. Consequently, he ended up later seeking post-divorce help to overturn his original divorce agreement.

Divorce lawyers may be able to help their clients keep an objective outlook on their divorce proceedings. Divorce lawyers might be able to encourage people to set their emotions aside long enough to think logically when making decisions concerning their divorce settlements.

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