Options when not receiving child support

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Having a child support order in place but not actively receiving any payment can be frustrating for Connecticut parents. However, there are a few options that these parents have when not getting the payments to which their children are entitled.

One option is not to financially depend on these funds. Some exes may not be forced to pay because they live too far away or they do not have any income or assets. In the event that the child support later becomes regular, it can be treated as a windfall and put aside for a rainy day. Another option is to ask the parent to pay off a portion of the back child support. The ex may not be able to come up with thousands of dollars in arrears, but he or she might be able to come up with hundreds. This is always better than nothing.

Parents may come to the point where they seek outside help to collect owed child support. A county sheriff may start child support enforcement after six months if the support is paid through the probation department or wage execution. A parent can file a motion in court if child support is not paid through these means. Law enforcement may be able to step in and effectuate payment, such as suspending the non-paying party’s professional license, revoking the party’s driver’s license, intercepting tax refunds or garnishing wages. A final means of influence is to imprison the individual for not making support payments.

A parent can decide to pursue child support payments in court. A family law attorney may help with the process by filing the necessary petitions.

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