High asset divorces: Announcing the split

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When a famous couple divorces, the media is usually all over the story — at least until something better comes along. How a divorce is announced can be important to both parties. When celebrity couples divorce, the public relations personnel are who are tasked with the job of letting people know.

Public relations personnel know that the divorce announcement is something of an art. For persons in such a job, he had the following to say: “when we have to discuss one’s ex, the parents of their child, the person who shared their bed, you have to believe that we have to tread lightly and follow our celebrity client’s instructions to the tee.” [sic]

Celebrities often want the public to think nothing but good things about their soon-to-be ex-spouse. This happens even when one spouse is trying to break a prenup and the other is trying to get sole custody of the children.

Most celebrities couples won’t bring up how long they have been married if it’s considered to be a short time. Thanks to the Internet, though, it doesn’t take the media very long to figure it out. Finally, the couple will ask for privacy, all the while knowing that it likely won’t happen.

So, how do regular couples announce their divorce. Some have taken to throwing divorce parties, while others have posted divorce selfies on social media. Announcing your divorce may be very difficult to some people in your circle of family and friends. To others, you may want to shout it from the nearest mountaintop. The court of public opinion, including the ones who want to judge you, aren’t owed anything.

If you are considering a divorce, an attorney can help you learn about how child custody, child support, alimony and property division work. He or she can also help with your announcement to the world, if needed.

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