Divorce mediation puts you in charge of your divorce

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce |

We have discussed several aspects of mediation during a divorce on this blog. These posts all have one specific point in common — you and your ex can take your intimate knowledge of the situation and use that to come to an agreement about the issues that matter in your life. We know that this isn’t always easy, but some people find that mediation gives them the comfort of having some control over what happens during the divorce.

Each decision that has to be made during the divorce is made through negotiations. You and your ex work with a mediator to help keep things on the right track and in an effort to alleviate misunderstandings. Throughout the process, you will think about how various offers will impact you and what counteroffers you want to make when things just don’t seem like a good deal to you.

We know that you might have some questions about this type of divorce. The good news is that it is usually less expensive and a bit faster than a litigated divorce. You will have some control over what happens.

The downsides to this are that you have to work with your ex. You will also have to be willing to negotiate some, so you may not get everything just the way you want it. Still, you may come out better than if you went through litigation.

Ultimately, the path toward divorce that you choose has to be the one that is the most suitable option for your situation. Be sure to consider each option that is available so that you can try to alleviate as much stress as possible as you start your new life as a single person.


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