Connecticut ranks 18th for overall happiness level

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While the United States divorce rate has been stated as around 50 percent of all marriages, there are some areas of the country that have fewer divorces than others. While the reasons for fewer divorces may not be obvious, one thing that you can see is where people are living when they have fewer divorces. Interestingly, Connecticut is a state where fewer divorces take place.

Thanks to its low divorce rate and other statistics, Connecticut has hit the news as a state ranked among the happiest in the United States. There were many factors that went into the research that showed each state’s happiness level. After considering them all, Connecticut came out in the top 20.

Connecticut, the 18th happiest state in the union, ranked well based on data including volunteer rates, divorce rates, suicide rates and depression. Minnesota took the top rank, while Massachusetts fell short of Connecticut by one spot. Many of the top-rated states are actually in the New England area, which could be helpful if researchers wish to determine why divorces are less common in those areas and how to address marital concerns in other parts of the U.S.

Connecticut ranked 15th for emotional and physical well-being, and it was 11th for community and environment. Connecticut was one of five states with the lowest number of suicides in the country. It also outranked many states when it came to divorce, showing that being in the top 20 happiest states does make a difference in people’s homes.

Divorces still happen in Connecticut, even though they take place less often. Those who are going through them need to know their legal rights, so they can make good decisions for their futures.

Source: News8 WTNH, “Connecticut ranked among happiest states in America,” Sep. 11, 2017


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