Common mistakes people make in their divorce process

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If you are headed into a divorce, pay attention. You are about to take a big, important step in your life. Make it a step forward and not a step backward.

There are common mistakes that many divorcing couples make and later wish they hadn’t. Like anything else in life, we suffer the consequences for our mistakes in divorce, and unfortunately, some leave scars we end up having to live with.

Be careful when selecting your attorney. Don’t just select any attorney off the Internet. Research and read reviews on a potential law firm. Have a consultation and get a feel for an attorney before you agree to let them represent you. While you want a well-experienced firm to represent you, you also want a firm who treats you with respect and not like just another invoice.

Be careful who you take advice from. Advice is all over. You can find it anywhere, from your friends to your family to articles on the internet. Not all advice is good advice. Keep in mind that your divorce and situation is uniquely yours. This is a transitional time for you and your family. Listen to your attorney and rely on your instincts.

Be careful not to have unrealistic expectations. Sometimes the desire to get out of a relationship and make changes dulls our vision. As much as possible, avoid letting emotions rule you. Try to see the big picture of what is happening realistically. What are finances going to look like, what is fair and what is best for everyone, including your children? Be honest and fair regarding property division and child custody.

Keep the right people around you so you will not be negatively influenced. You want to get through this transition period leaving as few scars as possible. The turmoil of emotions will die down eventually. Staying positive is a big asset. If you strive to do right by everyone, you will not have to look back with regrets.

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