More divorce cases are filed in January

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It may not be surprising that the month with the lowest number of divorce cases filed is December. This is when everyone is busy in a frenzy of activities, holiday shopping and family get-togethers.

Who has time to think about a divorce? Research done by the Institute for Family Studies indicates that the highest number of divorce cases are filed the month after the holidays, in January.

According to a parenting and relationship expert, divorce rates drop in December because the holiday season is supposed to be festive and happy. It is not a time for announcing that you want a divorce, nor is it a time for embarking on such a depressing venture.

Why the high numbers in January? Maybe it is because it is a new year and a time of new beginnings. Perhaps it is because couples have been too busy during the holidays to realize their marriage is falling apart. Once the excitement of the holidays is over, couples have time to regroup and think about their lives.

Most divorce lawyers say they have noticed the trend. One lawyer stated that calls at his office start in December, but most people say they are going to wait until the holidays are over to file. They are apparently just planning and gathering information.

Despite the increasing number of clients appearing on divorce attorneys’ doorsteps in January, it’s often best for a spouse to try to reconnect with their significant other before making that final decision.

According to the parenting and relationship expert, if couples would spend 20 minutes talking with each other at least four times a week, having “light-hearted fun discussions,” we would see far less divorces. These discussions should be steered away from sensitive topics like money or in-laws.

If a divorce is unavoidable, couples should work with their attorney to make it as smooth as possible. A peaceful and amiable new beginning is much better than spending the year feuding with your ex over complex property division or child custody.

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