Don’t make these mistakes when divorcing

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Getting a divorce is an important, life-changing event. The divorce process won’t last forever before your new life begins. Now you will have to live with the actions you have taken and the decisions you and your ex have made. Below are some mistakes that you should avoid during the divorce process if at all possible:

  1. Making quick decisions: Most people are an emotional mess while in the process of a divorce. Take your time when making decisions. Be sure they are made using reason and not emotions.
  2. Taking advice from family or friends: Clearly you are not the only one divorced in your circle of friends and family, and everyone has some advice to give. Listen if you will, but remember that your situation is uniquely yours. Make your own decisions.
  3. Playing revenge tactics: Decisions made during a divorce can be permanent. Don’t put yourself or your children through a nasty divorce. You will only make matters worse; nothing good can come from this.
  4. Making demands that you know are unreasonable: You need to be negotiable. Remember, you are only half of two parties who have to move on with their lives. The more unreasonable you become, the more unreasonable your soon-to-be ex will probably become. Be fair in your negotiations, working toward an equitable distribution of assets and equal custody of children.
  5. Not having a plan: Be thinking about your future and what your needs are going to be. If your divorce is based on just the here and now, your decisions are not going to be realistic. You may give away too much or demand too much. Be preparing for life after.
  6. Comparing your divorce with others: Just because something worked well for another couple doesn’t mean it will work for you and your spouse. Everyone’s situation is different.
  7. Failing to request security for child support or alimony: If alimony or child support is a part of your agreement, request a backup life insurance policy, trust or other security in the event the payee dies.

Your attorney will probably remind you of many of these tips. Whether you are in a high-asset divorce process or a low-income divorce process, remember to listen to your attorney’s advice and take your time making reasonable (and not emotional) decisions.

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