4 facts to focus on when you’re trying to avoid paying alimony

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Alimony, Firm News |

Some individuals want to pay their ex-spouses temporary alimony, especially when their marital break-up was amicable and they still care deeply for their exes. However, in most Connecticut divorce cases, the so-called “moneyed” spouse does not want to continue supporting their ex-spouse financially.

If your ex is seeking alimony, you’ll want to focus your case on the presentation of four important facts. The more of these facts that you can show the court to be true, the better chance you’ll have of not being ordered to pay alimony to your spouse:

1. You were married for a short period: If you were married for under a year or for only a couple years, your chances of needing to pay alimony — or the length of time you will need to pay it — will be lower than if you were married for a decade.

2. Your spouse is capable of earning money independently: Show the various reasons why your ex is capable of supporting themselves financially. Highlight the age, emotional health, educational background and physical condition of your spouse as reasons why they can earn a living independently.

3. Your spouse is in good financial condition: Highlight any way that your spouse is in excellent financial condition.

4. You can’t afford it: The court will not force you to pay alimony that you cannot afford.

The above facts are just the basics. If you’re being targeted for alimony payments in your divorce, speak with your family law attorney about developing a complete strategy to reduce and/or eliminate the threat and severity of alimony orders.


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